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Keinton Mandeville

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The Keinton Mandeville PSA is a group that strives to organise and put on events throughout the school year for the parents and staff of the school.

We hope to foster a feeling of community and of course, raise very valuable funds for the school.

Some of the events include:

School discos

Quiz night

Summer fayre

If you have any questions or suggestions, please speak to any member of the Committee or leave a message with Audrey, in the office. 

                Members of the Committee 2022-2023

Chair                                                    Amber Slevin

Vice Chair                                           Simon Murphy

Secretary                                            Kate Travitzky

Treasurer                                            Tatiana Frigo

                                                              Members :

                                                              Anna Train

                                                              Anna Gabriel

                                                              Beth Martin

                                                              Adam North

                                                              Lizzie Hopkins

                                                              Kate Lea

                                                              Monika Sparks

                                                              Holly Gough

                                                              George Cronk

                                                              Nikki Hewson