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Online-safety advice

As our world becomes more and more 'networked', children have increasing access to ICT resources and online activities.  It is really important that we, as a school, support the children in making informed, educated decisions about the content that they access, and that we support you, as parents in making sure that access outside school is both safe and secure. 

This page will give you access to resources and links to webpages that are designed to help you ensure that your children's digital world is a safe one.

Why not have a look at Vodafone's Digital Parenting magazine by clicking here?

Or watch South West Grid For Learning's 'GOLDen Rules' video here?

There are many sources of information for parents about e-safety on the internet.  Here are a few of our recommended websites:

  CEOP - The police agency dedicated to internet safety for children.

www.thinkuknow.co.uk – Visit the “Parent/Carer” Section and use the “Click CEOP” button to seek advice and report online abuse

www.childnet.com – Visit the ‘Know It All’ Section for an interactive guide about online safety

www.getsafeonline.org – Free up-to-date Security advice including using complex passwords and managing hacked accounts

www.internetmatters.org – Information from the four largest internet service providers (BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin)

www.nspcc.org.uk/onlinesafety - NSPCC’s Share Aware campaign provides information for parents about popular social media sites, apps and games.

www.saferinternet.org.uk – Parents guides to safety tools on popular devices and signposts report mechanisms for some websites.

http://el.im/family - Curated resources from the eLearning and Information Management team at Somerset

https://sscb.safeguardingsomerset.org.uk/ - Somerset Safeguarding Children Board

Recommended search engines for children:

One of the issues for many parents is their chidlren's access to search engines and the fact that many of these are unfiltered and may provide links, videos and images that are not suitable for children.  Why not try one of the search engines below, which are more child friendly.

Disclaimer: None of these search engines can guarantee that inappropriate content will never be shown.  These sites are recommendations only.

www.safesearchkids.com Google's search for children with safesearch automatically in place.

www.gogooligans.com A safe academic/educational search tool for children and teens.

www.askkids.com The Ask Jeeves site aimed at children.

www.factmonster.com A free online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia and thesaurus aimed specifically at children.

Letters about E-safety:

Following concerns reported by parents that some children were using social networking sites inappropriately, the following letter was sent out to all junior parents:

E-Safety Letter