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In English this week we are: 
EYFS - Practising our reading skills using Phase 2 sounds by segmenting and blending cvc words like cat, dog and bed. We will also be practising our letter formation whilst writing our own letters to Father Christmas!
Year One - We will be exploring how to write a better before writing our own letters to Father Christmas!
Phonics - EYFS: We are learning the sounds, j, v, w and x. We are revising all the sounds we have learned in Phase 2 and using them to sound out words. Year One: We will be using Phase 4 looking at consonant blends and writing sentences using previously taught sounds. 
In maths this week we are learning about:
EYFS: Comparing two groups of objects using the vocabulary of more, less, fewer, greater than, different and the same or equal. There will also be lots of practical opportunities to recognise numbers to 10 and begin to independently explore addition.
Year One: We will be finding the difference between two numbers.

Owls Class

Welcome to Owls Class!

We have already enjoyed a lovely first week back to school with the new children being brilliantly behaved and very brave. As another new year begins I look forward to sharing lots of exciting moments from our class with you all, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates. Also, if you ever have any concerns or need a chat please let me know so that I can make an appointment to see you after school.        


Our first few weeks at school!   

We have had a very busy start to the Autumn Term in Owls Class. Here a few pictures of us and what we have been doing.


The Gingerbread Man

Mrs Sugg read us the story of the Gingerbread Man so we decided that meant that we must make our own Gingerbread men. We made them in groups, having a go at mixing the ingredients and rolling out the dough. The best part was getting to decorate them when they had cooled down, and luckily none of them ran away so we got to eat them! 

All About Me - What would I like people to know about me?

As part our All About Me topic we have been busy creating our own fact files telling people all the important things they needed to know about us! We explored our family trees and drew pictures of the most important people in our families, including pets.We have also been thinking about what we look like and creating our own self portraits. These are on display outside of Owls Class so do come and take a look, can you spot who is who?

The Year Ones then had a go at drawing their portraits on the iPads, take a look at the results below.


Our topic in the second half of this first Autumn term has been India. Our key question was to think about 'What it would be like to live in India?' To kick start our topic we took a trip to India, the children collected their passports, packed their suitcases and we went on a 'flight' to India complete with in-flight movie! We landed in 'India' and then set about exploring various objects collected in India such as clothes, toys, books and home ware. 


We then explored the artwork of India and the tradition of Rangoli patterns. We looked at examples of Rangolis, how they had been made and the symbolism used within the Rangolis. The best part was having a go at making our our using lots of different coloured sand! The results were absolutely fantastic, very bright and colourful! 


Indian Food

During the week beginning the 14th October we explored Indian food and the sorts of things they eat in India. We talked about what the children liked to eat and how it was different to the foods eaten in India. We also looked at traditional cooking methods in India such as cooking with a wood fire. The children tasted Indian foods such as poppadoms, naan bread, chapatis, riata, mangoes, cucumbers and mango chutney and thought about whether they liked them or not.

We then had two cookery sessions where the children helped to make chapatis and a vegetable curry. The children thoroughly enjoyed making the dishes, having a go at kneading the chapati dough and chopping the vegetables for the curry. Although they definitely enjoyed eating the chapatis more than the curry (too spicy) !