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Keinton Mandeville

OWls Class 2023-2024

Owls Class Homework 

Weekly homework expectations for Reception;

Read 3x weekly (more is always encouraged) - This is not linked to Golden Time but children will be individually rewarded with house points for their efforts in Reading. 

Reading diaries will be checked daily with house points for reading 3 x being awarded on a Friday.


Our PE day is Friday - the children will need to be wearing their PE kit into school every Friday ready for their morning PE session!

Summer Term 1 - our theme this term is Amazing Africa. Our termly planner is linked below;


The children will be sent home with their homework sheet, at the beginning of every half term with ideas of projects they could complete to support their learning of the themes we will be covering. Attached below is a copy of the SUMMER Term 1 homework sheet just in case; 



This half term we will be focussing on building the children`s confidence to sound out words for spelling independently as well as encouraging the children to represent their ideas through their writing. Children will have opportunities to practise forming their letters throughout the day independently as well as during focussed sessions. The children will have lots of opportunities to listen to stories as well as mark make to show their own meanings. 


In our first week we will be exploring numbers within 20, thinking about the composition of the numbers from 10 - 20 as well as bring able to verbally count beyond 20. We will then look at addition and subtraction using practical resources to understand the processes. In the last two weeks of term we will be exploring shapes and patterns. 

Understanding the World

Amazing Africa - What is it like on Safari?

We will be exploring the continent of Africa this half term, thinking about where Africa is in the world, how we could get to Africa, the animals that live there as well as what the weather is like. We will also focus in on the country of Kenya, learning about the different places and landmarks within Kenya as well as the people of Kenya and some of the traditions of tribes such as the Kikuyu and Maasai. 


In our focussed Science sessions this half term we will be exploring plants through observation as well as practically growing our own plants. We will learn about the parts of plants and be able to identify a variety of plants.

 Expressive Arts and Design

Our main theme in Art this half term is exploring colour mixing, the children will practise mixing yellow, oranges and reds to create different shades of sunset colours. We will then use this exploration to create our own African sunset painting which we will then add a silhouette of their chosen African animal to. 

After that we will be exploring the artwork of Martin Bulinya, an artist from Kenya who is famous for creating artwork to represent the Maasai tribe. The children will be looking a variety of his paintings in order to share their thoughts about the art before they have a chance to have a go at creating their own. 

Below are some theme linked Expressive Arts and Design activities that the children will have independent access to in our creative area;

Amazing Africa linked -

Crayon lion

Animal patterns

Build an elephant

Paint a zebra

junk modelling

 Physical Development

This half term the children will focus mainly on refining their fine motor skills through both practical activities as well as targeted work on their letter formation and development of their strength and stamina. 

In PE the children will be exploring using their bodies through Athletics based activities and games.

 Communication and Language

We will be developing the children`s ability to listen and respond to a variety of stories which are either our literacy focus texts as well as the books we read at various points within the day. We will encourage the children to share their thoughts and ideas throughout the day during group activities as well as during their individual explorations. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our PSHE focus this half term is Self-Regulation - Listening and following instructions. The children will learn practise their listening skills through a variety of games and activities in either their groups or as a whole class. They will also learn how listening carefully and showing respect to others is important when working as a team. 

What have we been up to in Owls Class? 

 Nature Detectives

w/b 19th February 

As part of our first week of our new theme Nature Detectives, we put on our wellies, dodged the rain showers and went outside on a mini beast hunt. The children had a great time looking under logs, tyres and in the leaves to see what they could find. Some of the children took photos of what they had found using the iPad. We then went back to the classroom to record what we had found and talked about why we couldn`t find certain mini beasts at this time of year. We are going to repeat our mini beast hunt towards the end of term to see if we can find more types of mini beasts!

We found some particularly large worms and the children were amazed by the size of the tunnels the worms had created!


Super Subitising

w/b 22nd January

This week we have been continuing our Maths focus on subitising - which is where the children are able to identify the number of objects/images shown without counting by recognising patterns. Owls have been working very hard to practise this skill and have been trying lots of practical based activities, both independently and through adult led activities, to practise these skills.

Here are some photos of what we have been doing; 

Autumn Term 2 - Christmas Baking

w/b 11th December

This week we have enjoyed some baking to get ourselves further into the Christmas spirit. The children worked in their groups to mix the ingredients, roll out the dough, cut out a Christmas tree shape and then the best part... decoration! They all listened brilliantly and took turns to have a go at each step. We talked about the ingredients we were using, how to cook safely and why we needed to wash our hands before we baked. Here are some pictures of our baking fun...



Autumn Term 2 - Autumn Scavenger Hunt 

w/b 6th November

This week we headed outside in our coats and wellies, thankfully during a break in the rain, to explore our school grounds for signs of Autumn. The children each had a clipboard and a checklist of Autumnal signs which we were hoping to see. They enjoyed ticking things off their lists and we managed to find most of the items we were looking for. The only thing we were disappointed not to see was a squirrel but with the excitement of making piles of leaves to throw in the air we decided that we had probably scared all the squirrels away!

Autumn Term 2 - Leaf Crowns

As part of our new theme Autumn we made our very own leaf crowns - the children went outside to choose the leaves they liked and stuck them to card to create their crown. They were very pleased with their creations and lots of them were declaring themselves either Leaf Queen or Leaf King!

Amazing Autumn

We started off our new theme by exploring the story Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.

We used leaves collected from the playground to create our own Leaf Men, the children really enjoyed being creative with the leaves and choosing the right colour and size for their Leaf Man! Here are some examples of their artwork below; 

Autumn Term 1 

The children have made a wonderful start to their school journey and have settled in brilliantly to their new setting. We have had lots of opportunities to get to know one another, make new friends and learn collaboratively through their independently led play choices. It has been wonderful to see how the children have played together so well and have enjoyed the resources we have at Keinton. Here are a few pictures of the sorts of activities the children have been involved in since they started school;

Marvellous ME!

As part of our Marvellous Me theme we explored self portraits and thoroughly enjoyed creating our own portraits. The children were especially excited to see them up on our display board!